Windspirit of the Wallowas

Windspirit Of The Wallowas The road to Windspirit Wellness Retreat winds through the spectacular Wallowa Mountains in this remote, wild and beautiful corner of NE Oregon. Located eight miles from the quaint western town and artist colony of Joseph, Oregon, Windspirit Wellness Retreat is nestled in a picturesque mountain valley bordering a babbling trout stream with stunning views of the pine forests and snow covered peaks of the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. Clients who check in for the weeklong retreat that has been described as, “A life changing experience” inevitably leave here not only a few pounds lighter in mind

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Cleanse Philosophy

Why Cleanse To Heal The Body Cleansing to heal the body is a process. One which takes time, effort and experience. The Hope To Heal cleanse offers step by step guidance but first let’s talk about the body and why it is so important and effective to cleanse and heal. What is detoxification? Why should we cleanse to heal? What are toxins and where do we acquire toxins? The elders now were first generation to be raised and live in pollution, to drink plastic molecules, to inhale and ingest particles from fertilizers and pesticides, to eat micro waved foods. Now

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Hope To Heal Affordable Wellness Retreats Looking for proven affordable wellness retreats and natural detox cleanse?The Hope to Heal Home Cleanse Program is the most affordable wellness retreat available. The Hope To Heal book, DVD and box give you everything you need to create an affordable wellness retreat and a peaceful healing environment in your own home, with no traveling, this allows a busy person to fit a natural detox cleanse into their schedule.The Hope to Heal Cleanse book and DVD are a complete step by step natural detox cleanse program available to do right now in your own home! The Hope to Heal

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Wellness Retreats



Dr. Laurel Sander Windspirit Wellness Retreat

Whole Body Medicine and Diagnosis

Dr. Laurel Sander

Not just your average “Doctor”, Laurel has 40+ years experience in the Healing Arts and Holistic Medicine; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, D.O.M. (NM), Nationally Certified Acupuncturist, L. Ac. (NCCAOM, NM, UT, & OR) Master Bodyworker, Massage Therapist, Tui Na Spinal Alignment, Chinese Herbologist, Kinesiologist, Reflexology, Energy Medicine/Shamanic Tracking, Nutritionist and Whole Body Medicine.

Laurel received her Masters in Chinese Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), Western Sciences and Sports Medicine at Montana State University, Shamanic Energy Medicine of the Inkas with the Four Winds Society and Massage therapy at the Ozark Life Center.