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To Joseph Oregon, in the Wallowa Mountains, the home of Chief Joseph. Windspirit Wellness Retreat is nestled in a pristine valley on the Scenic byway to the Snake River just outside Joseph.

Windspirit Medicine offers Wellness Retreats combining a whole body detox & cleansing program and a dozen healing treatments; using Universal Medicine and the wisdom of the ages to “Diagnose the human being instead of the disease”.

Wyakin is the Nez Perce word for steward or guardian, we are guardians of the land.  This sanctuary lived in my heart for decades as I gained my education and experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Auricular Medicine, Kinesiologogy, Master Bodyworker, Reflexologist, Nutritionist, and Energy Medicine Woman. Windspirit Medicine is a combination of knowledge in Western Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Auricular Medicine and Energy Medicine to help the person understand and unravel the patterns of dis-ease, to track the threads of emotions and learn the lifestyle that is the cure. Come stay at the Historic Cottage on Wyakin Ranch and let the land embrace you, the rhythm of the creek rock you and the spirit of this powerful place inspire you. Transform your health in just 1 week and change the way you see the world and the way you will live the rest of your life.

Hope to Heal, Windspirit of the Wallowas

***Notice. As of March 2020 my private practice, Windspirit Oriental Medicine,  closed for daily public treatments due to the pandemic. 

Please email me to find out about the available dates in 2022 for the Windspirit Wellness Retreats. 



Wellness Retreats



Windspirit Medicine Proven Wellness Retreats

Designed for maximum results, no two retreats are alike. At Windspirit Medicine we personalize every aspect of your journey. Holistic, whole body medicine combines our decades of experience to give you the single best health experience of your life. Come cleanse, detoxify your body, and unravel the structure with us at a one of a kind experience in the majestic Oregon outdoors.

Personalized Treatments

Dr Laurel combines years of knowledge in bodywork therapy. Each treatment options is tailored to your specific needs and health goals. While our retreats offer personalized combinations of these treatments, you may want to focus on a specific area of your health. Our treatment options allow you to pick and choose to further personalize your experience with us, and get the most out of your epic journey to optimum health and inner peace.

Windspirit Medicine Consultations

windspirit medicine

Can’t get away for a bit? Or maybe you’d like me to come to you, either in spirit or in person.  Whether it’s for the first time to get a feel for things or a mid-year touch up on your mind, body & spirit there’s no distance too great that we can’t connect to get you feeling like you deserve to.

Dr. Laurel Sander Windspirit Wellness Retreat

Whole Body Medicine and Diagnosis

Dr. Laurel Sander

Not just your average “Doctor” Laurel has 40+ years experience in the Healing Arts and Holistic Medicine; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, D.O.M. (NM), Nationally Certified Acupuncturist, L. Ac. (NCCAOM, NM, UT, & OR) Master Bodyworker, Massage Therapist, Tui Na Spinal Alignment, Chinese Herbologist, Kinesiologist, Reflexology, Energy Medicine/Shamanic Tracking, Nutritionist and Whole Body Medicine.

Laurel received her Masters in Chinese Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), Western Sciences and Sports Medicine at Montana State University, Shamanic Energy Medicine of the Inkas with the Four Winds Society and Massage therapy at the Ozark Life Center.

Wellness Retreats