Why Cleanse? Whole Body Cleanse

home cleanseTo better understand the why we should cleanse let’s start with the human filters and detoxification. Education can prevent medication if you put what you learn here into action.

1. What is detoxification? Why should we cleanse? What are toxins and where do we acquire toxins? What is a whole body cleanse?

We are the first generation to be raised and live in pollution, to drink plastic molecules, to inhale and ingest particles from fertilizers and pesticides, to eat micro-waved foods. Now let us throw in petroleum products, hydro-genated fats, lots of synthetic hormones and synthetic prescription medications and you have a chemical stew feeding the body!

2. Next question; what happens 30 minutes after you feed a dog, cat horse or baby?

That is right, a natural bowel movement, one meal in, one meal out. So what happens to the adult human, “not enough water in the river for the boat to float”, taught by one of my Oriental Medicine teachers. That proverb is correct, dehydration is the number one cause of death is the elderly and chronic constipation exists in the masses.

Half of our pharmaceuticals are for indigestion! The purple pill was advertised for a year before the commercial told you it was for acid reflux.

Why cleanse…wat is wrong with this picture?

The average 50-year-old white male has 20 pounds of undigested meat products in the bowels! Where is it? Are you still asking, why cleanse?

There are 3-D diverticulum’s sacs throughout the 10 feet of large intestines; those sacks can pucker shut just like an anal opening. Inside is Wally the worm and his buddies, Vinnie the Virus, Freddy the fungus and Bubba bacteria, setting up house. The Ph of the bowel turns acidic and slowly burns up the body fluids creating mucous and phlegm, which is the environment Wally and his buddies are looking for. The bowel is not eliminating 2-3 times per day so the acid and pressure build causing all kinds of digestion symptoms. The direction of energy flow or “Qi” of the stomach, small and large intestine is descending or down and out.

Hope To Heal Cleanse

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Back To The Intestines & What is acid reflux?

cleanse philosophyAcid reflux is the acid bubbling up because it cannot descend, as are the symptoms of hiccups, belching, regurgitation, bad breath and most dental decay. The latest craze is a device to scrape, the phlegm off the tongue! I almost fell off the couch laughing! The phlegm on the tongue is a big red flag that food is fermenting in the 22 feet of intestines and bubbling up and the thick vapor is settling on the tongue. Scraping it off will not solve the problem brewing below.

What about the plaque building up in arteries? If the garbage is building up in the blood stream, what does the main sewage canal look like?

Whole Body Cleanse: The human body is a filtration system.

Every molecule of nutritious food, water and unidentified food products that are ingested must be absorbed thru the mucous membrane of the intestines. Then it travels direct to the liver, the filter for the blood. The clean blood with essential nutrients nourishes and regenerates all organs and tissues. Where does the liver dump the dirty filtered byproducts? The Gall Bladder is the bowl for the liver, the gall bladder dumps the toxins and by products into the top of the small intestine, wait did it just do a circle, yes.

The top of the small intestine is like grand central train station called the solar plexus, the second largest nerve plexus in the body. There is a lot going on here, the spleen, stomach and pancreas all start digestion and deliver the “food chime” to the small intestine where it will be absorbed into the body. Any other organs involved? Yes.

The Lymphatic system has these little pumps all over the body; they pump one direction, up. The Lymph system cleans out the soft tissues, the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Guess what, it takes movement for the lymphatic pumps to pump debris up, namely cross crawl movement like walking. So the Lymph system is busy cleaning out the by-products of muscular function and injury like; lactic acid, uric acid, prussic and oxalic acid, enema fluid and dead red blood cells.

Where does all this dirty stuff go? Yes, you guessed it, the lymph system pumps and cleanse out the muscles and dumps these by-products into the veins (venous system) then loops thru the spleen and the dirty parts go back into the intestines and out…eventually.

The 22 feet from the mouth opening to the seven sphincters muscles of the rectum is the main river of the human body. This is an excretory organ that descends and excretes the toxins and by- products. In nature water descends, from well to spring, to stream, to river, to the sea. Anthroposophic science is the “divine human order” of the body, the laws of nature.

Cleansing the human body is found in every culture, cleansing is as old as the hills, Why? The Human Being was a hunter and gatherer, each spring food supplies dwindled; the people knew how to naturally cleanse and de-worm the body as they ran out of food supplies.

The Appendix is a finger shaped filter that is located below the ilio-cecal value between the small and large intestine, its function is to gather heavy debris and toxins, like an oil filter. Each spring when the people naturally cleansed, the appendix was able to dump the accumulation acquired over the course of a year. Now people can eat Twinkies 24-7! Cleansing and detoxification are almost a lost knowledge in the land of abundance and convenience.

The appendix is so overloaded it finally fills up, bulges, becomes inflamed and finally bursts, Appendicitis

Having an appendectomy is now a normal common human experience, but I ask you; Is it normal? The gall bladder removal surgery is next in line for common surgeries, why?

The gall Bladder is the bowl for the liver to dump its toxins.

Remember grand central, the solar plexus, where all these above mentioned organs meet at the small intestine; What happens if the main river, the intestines are not descending and eliminating twice a day? The whole excretory system is backed up, including the gall bladder, so the dirty parts of the filtered blood are backed up in the gall bladder and heating up and spasm trying to do its function.

The Gall bladder and Appendix have functions the creator designed.

It is possible for a human to have healthy body and keep all the parts thru cleansing. For all of the reasons listed above and many more it is imperative that you do a whole body cleanse on a regular basis.

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Herrings Law of Cure: The Body heals from the top to the bottom, from the inside out and in the reverse order that it arrived at the present state of health.

Hope to Heal,

Dr Laurel