Windspirit Wellness Retreat Testimonials:

“Laurel’s book is a wonderful guide for those looking to reclaim their health”  Mark Hyman MD

“This is the definitive detox-get healthy manual, written by one of the most respected doctors in the field. I have been waiting for this book a long time!”  Alberto Villoldo PhD

“Laurel Sander’s book reflects a lifetime of study and experience and will be of great value to both individuals and professionals “
Robert Rothfeder MD

“In this time of stress and toxicity, Laurel Sander’s timely knowledge and instructions of how to cleanse and heal our “other mind” couldn’t be more appropriate.” S Eugene Peay DSS

The unique combinations fo treatments, nutrition and education Laurel offers to her clients with the Hope to Heal Cleanse is truly an amazing healing experience. Marcela Lobos, Medicine Woman

Laurel should be teaching physical diagnosis in our medical universities. Dave Woynarowski MD

“I am a 60 year old musician/scientist, cancer survivor, HIV survivor, and a victim of my lifestyle choices. But one day I had enough and decided to find out what Oregon had to offer as far as wellness retreats. I have done “cleanses” on my own, and this was my first foray to find structured wellness. When I typed in “Oregon health and wellness” one of the sites that showed up was Windspirit Medicine. Being a scientist I began investigating, looking into the sources cited by Windspirit for the modalities provided. As a result, I chose to do a seven day retreat on site with all (but one) of the treatments offered, some multiple times. Never having done this before, I had no idea what to expect. The results were more than I could have hoped for! After only four days I woke up with the thought that I did not recall ever having felt as good as I did. And still there was more to go! After the full seven days I returned home with new, better living habits, and everyone at work commented on how good I looked (yes – I even lost weight). Now Windspirit is NOT a spa, but Laurel is certainly what I would call a natural healer with a great breadth and depth of knowledge and an enthusiasm for healing that certainly made a difference in my life. And we had many discussions about what and why she does what she does. In short, I am going back next year for another week and trying to pull off an interim refresher. Several of my so-called chronic conditions have seemed to disappear and I continue to feel the best I ever have my entire life. Windspirit has indeed offered me “hope to heal” and if you are serious about making a difference in your health and wellness, I recommend that you do the retreat – but make sure you listen and follow directions!
Garry Estep, Physicist, The Dalles, Oregon

A Hope to Heal Home Cleanse client writes

“Thru the Rabbit Hole…Thanks, it was enlightening in many ways and I feel CLEAN.

I followed it almost the T, it was hard with going to work, to do all the Epsom soaks and castor packs, but otherwise I did all the ingredients, and chiro/accup/node message/sauna and of course colonic’s…..
Colonic lady was great, thanks, and she might have some clients for you….
Happy to have done this round the soul-cist:>)
Prob gonna make it an annual mid summers night clean…
I am still doing a 1/2 day with the ingredients today and plan to keep the amino aklalime tradition going daily…
Glad Michael met and you, and I thank you for the healing vibes….
Count me in the very highly recommending you camp!!
Time to grill some tofu!!

“Thank you laurel for sharing your time and wisdom with me while you were in squaw valley
I felt renewed and refreshed and “listened to”
Your obvious knowledge about the body and soul and the importance of them working synergistically was evident (and amazing.)
Until we meet again, I have been sharing your contact with whomever I feel might benefit from your grace.
I was unable to post to facebook for ? Reason, but feel free to copy this onto your page.
I would love to let the world know about your magic🙏”

“In teaching us how to heal ourselves, Laurel helps us to return to our natural state of vibrant health. When we align with nature, good thing happen!” Cindy

“Laurel is a gifted and intuitive Doctor. She possess the wonderful abilities to listen deeply, assess one’s conditions and address them with kindness and skill. You feel at ease in her presence and can trust her wisdom”. Jill

“The first item I visited Laurel’s magical corner of the world, I felt sure it would become an amazing wellness center and committed myself to help make it so. Not too long after that, I found myself as the recipient of the most rejuvenating and nurturing healing experiences of my life. The only surprise: that it manifested itself so completely in so little time” Jeffrey

“After completing 3 cleanses at the Retreat, I feel better at 40 than I did in my 20’s. My increased energy, lack of aches and pains, and improved sense of well being has encouraged my whole family to participate in the cleansing process offered by Laurel at Windspirit Wellness Retreat.” Deve

“Laurel has a profound knowledge from years of practice and from her own personal healing journey of how to effectively and safely cleanse the mind and body on a very deep level.” Gary and Tricia

“In our 12 years of marriage, the best thing we’ve ever down as a couple was invest in our long term health with Laurel during the weeklong cleans at Windspirit Wellness Retreat. Laurel and staff are true healers. The physical and spiritual health benefits continue to this day!” Michael and Denise

“The Hope to Heal Cleanse book/dvd offers inspiring and effective teachings on reclaiming radiant health and well being. Laurel’s enthusiasm and wisdom are the result of her life long journey and passion for healing. I have been blessed to be a direct beneficiary of her work for decades. ” David