Telephone Consultations

Book phone consultations with Dr Laurel Sander.
“Diagnose the Human Being instead of the Disease” is my motto. The patient has the answers and I love embodying a Sherlock Holmes mindset to unravel the mystery of symptoms to find the cause. A phone consultation creates an opportunity to engage the patient in the diagnosis process. I take the time to listen to the patient to find the cause of disease and provide the steps to the path of true Health.

Laurel Sander has 30+ years experience in the Healing Arts and Holistic Medicine; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, D.O.M. (NM), Nationally Certified Acupuncturist, L. Ac. (NCCAOM, NM, UT, & OR) Master Bodyworker, Massage Therapist, Tui Na Spinal Alignment, Chinese Herbologist, Kinesiologist, Reflexology, Energy Medicine/Shamanic Tracking, Nutritionist and Whole Body Medicine.


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